In the first two months of 2020 hundreds of thousands of business owners wonder the same question, what is SEO trends in 2020?

Every one of us knows the basics of SEO meaning and how it helps the websites to gain a higher ranking in search engine result page with the help of applicable keywords. But, SEO is such a landscape that remains dynamic and does not stick to specific trends. Surely, there are various things that remain the same such as putting keywords in titles, prioritizing it for gaining mobile users traffic but the rest of the things remain evolving with time. In 2020, Google is aiming along with other platforms to be the end destination for users. Hence, if you are into SEO and really wanted to cope with the dynamic environment, we have crafted this blog post for you and to provide you with a better understanding of SEO trends in 2020.serch engine optimisation services


Users have a better experience with the featured snippet. It is displayed on the search results and Google snippet provides the customers with additional information about the product and also allows them to have content of their interest which makes it more attractive and interesting. It is necessary to take it seriously due to the fact that it provides click-through rate benefit for the website. Generally, 54% of clicks are attained from featured snippets. For making the most out of 202 SEO trends, it is necessary for you to provide the commonly asked questions in the featured snippet. The search engine analyses the snippet on the basis of its content and what it is included in it.


In 2020, online advertisements will be expensive. Normally, 91% of advertisements are seen only for less than a second which resulted in the loss of 38 billion dollars in terms of digital ads in 2010. In order to efficiently use SEO strategies, it is necessary for businesses to have high-quality content displayed on the website. Users prefer only that content which is helpful, timely, and relevant. Users will use search engines for research and if your website has good content, it will make its way in top searches. Hence, make sure that your content is thoroughly researched and has a logical structure. It should be easy to navigate thoroughly and creative enough so that you can grasp the attention of the reader. If your content is creative enough, it will contribute towards SEO marketing. Another important point that is worth mentioning is the inclusion of keywords in your content as it plays an integral role in increasing the rating of the website.

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The artificial intelligence has already started impacting our lives soon than expected. Organizations are using artificial intelligence for creating a personalized and user experience to provide better services to customers. The same is the case with Google which is using it for providing efficient and better search results to its users. Users have already analyzed the importance of artificial intelligence in 2019 and its positive role in search engine results as it helps to classify pages efficiently and precisely.


Well, if you have just created good content for your website and still not getting adequate results, the possible reason might be a complex interface of your website or increased loading time. It can be stated as a universal truth that users leave those pages which takes more time to load. It is very important to have a simpler interface which in turn improves the page speed and enhances user experience. Consider yourself in the viewer’s boots and understand what they are expecting from the website. Try to use simple words that are easier to understand for a simple user as if they don’t understand, they will return to the SERP. In turn, it will impact the search ranking of your web page.


One of the new trends which will impact the SEO is the optimization of a website for voice search. With the increased usage of artificial intelligence-based smart devices, the concept of voice searches is gaining popularity and it is necessary to optimize the website for voice searches by using rich snippets.


The majority of zero-click searches are commonly local searches for which results of the search are shown in Local Packs. For mobile phones, the single Local Pack can occupy as much space as the entire SERP shown to the users. Hence, you can tackle the wide number of searches those containing common keywords such as “address”, “near me”, “phone number” in a single fell swoop by making a business page for the company. Another aspect which you should also consider is that various searches will not be tackled on Local Packs and it is necessary to have a solid backlink profile. Try to look for backlinks used by your competitors and get those for yourself.


As organic social is almost dead which makes the paid ads expensive and prevalent for everybody wanted to gain traffic through the avenue, hence, it is necessary to prioritize brand awareness and branding. It is necessary for you to pay as much attention to building quality link profiles as you can along with managing and handling brand mentions. Utilizing social media will help you to create awareness.


These are a few SEO trends for 2020 which you should know as a marketer. If you are a business owner and worried about SEO services, you can check our wide range of services that not only allows you to stand among the crowd but will also enhance your live presence. At Smai, we enhance the online presence of your website methodically and did not use any bots, spams, or pesticides in our organic strategies which make us different from others.

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