Since the onset of the pandemic, the functioning of the entire world has been disrupted. The systematic operations that we have been following all our lives have come to halt and we are now required to adapt and shape our lives in accordance to the norms that apply till the end of this epidemic which are social distancing and staying at home. Employees from all around the world are now being asked to work from home.

The global crises aside, working from home is becoming increasingly common and has a lot of benefits.


It gives you the independence that you may lack at your workplace. You rely on self-motivation, self-discipline, focus and concentration. By working at home you can actually increase your productivity and you can get more done.

Copious amounts of time wasted in commute and office interruptions can be utilized in work.

Benefits of working from home

Working from home also allows a better balance between work and personal life, as you’re able to stay connected with your family and lets you lead a healthier lifestyle by eating better and have time to workout.

One of the major benefits of working from home is that it allows you the opportunity of being able to expand your horizons and take up different opportunities that you’re unable to do so when working in an office.

Through effective time management, you will be able to work on different pursuits and business ideas which gives you the chance of making money whilst doing what you love in the comfort of your home. There are endless opportunities that you can venture in whilst working from home. Popular work-based jobs include translator, web developer, travel agent, freelance writer, social media manager and a blogger.

Digital marketing encompasses and implements the Internet to promote products and services and has become increasingly popular over the years. By creating an online presence, knowing the latest trends, using your creativity, stepping out of your comfort zone, networking and learning about the analytics you can easily start your business in digital marketing from home. Since this component of marketing relies on digital media it can be an excellent ‘work from home’ job.

There are a few tips that you may follow in order to work effectively from home. These include setting up a functional workspace that is separated from your personal spaces and is meant solely for your work, set up a work schedule and follow-through, discover your high productivity periods, minimize distractions, use technology to stay connected and pick a definitive finishing time each day.

We at Smai provide you with an all-inclusive digital marketing consultancy unlike any other. By using our services you will be able to receive the optimal guidance needed to make working from home prosperous and equip you with the finest services, clear insight and direction that will help kick-start your own business from the comfort of your own home with guaranteed successful results.  Smai will make your business vision into a reality and help you build your business with winning digital media strategies.


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