Keywords can be described as the topics and ideas that define what your website content is about. It is a word or a phrase that is searched on a search engine. It describes the content on your website best. It is the search term that you want to rank for with a certain page.

It is very necessary for you as a website owner to have keywords on your page that are relevant to what people are searching for so that there is a greater chance that your content is found.


Keywords are extremely essential for your website because they are the tool that will connect the content you are providing on your website and your targeted audience. Keywords also determine the type of audience you get and ensure organic and the right kind is driven to your website. If the right audience is driven to your website by using effective and accurate keywords, your business will thrive.



SEO is optimizing your web pages for better ranking in search results. When it comes to search engine optimization, keywords are of the utmost importance. Keywords are one of the main elements of SEO and go hand in hand to obtain an influx of organic traffic for your website.

How keywords work in SEO is that they’re the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines. They make it possible for people to find your site through search engines. That’s why it’s essential to develop a list of keywords when initiating SEO.

How keywords work in SEO is such that using accurate keywords that are relevant to your audience and have a high number of searches along with a low or medium competition to set the foundation for your further SEO steps and aids in helping your site rank above your competitors.



Keywords are extremely essential to SEO. Research shows that 95% of people only look at the first page of search results; hence the correct usage of keywords is highly essential to make sure your webpage appears on the first page.

Keyword research is an important start when using keywords for SEO. This ensures that you are using the right and most effective keywords for your business.

Finding keywords for your content by brainstorming relevant terms to your business, using keyword research tools & by making a list of important topics and then related terms by searching on Google and seeing what else people who are searching for that term also looked for is also an important step when choosing and using keywords for your website. You also need to see how competitors are ranking for these keywords to ensure that the ones you are using will be successful.


Keywords are one of the most essential and key steps to a successful SEO, there are a variety of different types of keywords to choose from which can be selected in accordance to the requirements of your business. Some of which are as follow:

 Short-tail Keywords:

Short-tail keywords are broad phrases used by people when searching and consist of no more than 3 words.

Short tail keywords are searched more often and hence have an immense amount of search volume; the shorter the keyword is the higher the search volume. However they are also highly competitive, due to the high search volume.

A setback of short-tail keywords is that the search may not be targeted due to which the conversion rates may be low.

Long-tail Keywords:

Long-tail keywords can be defined as a specific combination of several terms, usually consisting of more than 3 words.

Long-tail keywords are highly specified due to which they are an excellent SEO tactic as they help boost your rank.

They tend to have a lower search volume in comparison to short-tail keywords however they are usually much more specific and hence have a higher conversion value.

Geo-Targeted Keywords:

Geo-targeted keywords are search phrases that identify a location. Using a geo-targeted keyword you can target a specific neighborhood, city or even a country.

How geo-targeted keywords work in SEO is that they drive an influx of your targeted audience to your business as searchers who use these terms are looking for results that are close by or in an area they are interested in.

Geo-targeted keywords are extremely beneficial for smaller businesses where you want to target the relevant most customers.

Market-Defining Keywords:

Market-defining keywords are keywords that define a particular business or service. These are the terms that your target audience would use when searching for your business.

How market-defining keywords work in SEO is that they are vital for your on-page optimization and hence should be added throughout your site pages.

Market-defining keywords can be considered as very broad and generic in nature and hence are harder to rank however they are still extremely important.

Product-Defining Keywords:

Product keywords are keywords used to describe and explain your product. They basically describe what you sell.

When the correct and effective product keywords are used, it will allow you to reach your target customer segment, as this is what a potential buyer will search for.

Product keywords are highly specific and direct however they can also be highly competitive. Product keywords allow you to drive traffic that is most likely ready to buy. Product keywords are a necessity in order to make sales and are one of the quickest ways to put your product out on the search engine results page.

Customer-Defining keywords:

Customer-defining keywords are used to define the requirement of customers and are used mainly to gain the attention of the customers.
How customer-defining keywords work in SEO is by allowing you to build a connection with your audience, which will help you unravel and establish their needs and expectations as customers, help improve your content in accordance to your audience’s liking and allow you to build better and more authentic connections online.

Customer-defining keywords allow you to address your target audience clearly. This can be implemented by understanding how the audience defines themselves, which you can use to your advantage. Customer-defining keywords also allow you to find other people who relate to your target audience and hence increase your reach.

LSI Keywords:

Latent Semantic Indexing is a natural language processing technique. LSI keywords are basically thematic keywords that are closely related to your main keyword. They are currently a major part of search engine algorithms.

Google’s algorithm uses them to help determine the content quality and relevance to the search term.

They are extremely useful as they allow you to create topics to fit a broad theme using one root keyword.


Increasing your traffic and reaching your target audience by using the perfect keywords doesn’t necessarily require you to spend copious amounts of money; there are plenty of free keyword tools that can be used. Some of which are as follow:


Ubersuggest is a website that can be used in elevating your SEO and get ahead of your competitors. It is a free tool that specializes in generating new keyword ideas and helps you find countless long-tail keywords in a matter of minutes. It functions by aggregating data from Google Suggest, which provides keyword ideas related to your searches.

One of the best things about UberSuggest is the fact that it allows you to gain insight to the strategies that are working for others in your industry so you can adapt and improve them.



It has been established that keyword research is one of the most fundamental ROI activities when it comes to SEO. AnswerThePublic is free of cost clever consumer insight tool that combines suggested searches from Bing and Google and visualizes them in a search cloud. It is an online tool that provides detailed search and keyword information, to get the guidance you need to create great marketing content.

 Keyword Sheeter:

Keyword sheeter is a free and simple keyword research tool that comes up with keyword ideas in the press of a button. Keyword sheeter allows this by visiting their homepage and entering a search term into the text box. If you wish to receive results that contain a certain keyword, you can add a positive filter after which Keyword sheeter brings about keyword ideas.

Google Keyword Planner:

Google is the largest search engine on the Internet and hence their own keyword research tool is one of the best free tools available online. It helps grow organic traffic rapidly. Google keyword planner gives you two options; either discover new keywords or get search volume and forecasts.

How keywords work in SEO and how important they are has been established, however, using the correct keywords that will help your business grow considerably can be a challenging task for many.

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