With the global market becoming increasingly competitive day-by-day, it has become imperative to have a relevant and stable digital marketing strategy for your business’s survival and success.

We at Smai Digital will help your business flourish by using the best, most suited, unique, well-thought-out, and strategic digital marketing techniques. Since we have experience in a wide range of industry sectors and cater many different digital marketing strategies, which are applied according to the needs of your business, we can guarantee successful results.

Following is a list of 15 digital marketing strategies that you can make use of now to skyrocket your sales.


Search engine optimization is an exceptional digital marketing strategy. It is the process by which the quality and quantity of website traffic is increased. This can be done by increasing the visibility of a website.

SEO allows your website to be discovered through a search engine’s organic results. It can be extremely beneficial as it brings a targeted audience to your website, free of cost. If done correctly, SEO can drive up to a 14.6% conversion rate.

SEO works best when your work reflects to search engines that your content is the best for the topic at hand. Hence, its important that your website content is up to the mark.


Email marketing is also a commonly used and effective digital marketing strategy. In simple words, email marketing is the use of emails to promote your services.

Email marketing can be used for branding, engagement, direct sales, generating traffic and reactivation, making it extremely versatile.

Email marketing is possibly one of the most direct and beneficial ways of connecting, communicating and developing a relationship with potential customers. 47% of marketers rate email marketing as the most effective digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing, if done strategically, guarantees profit and growth for your business.


Offering downloadable content is also a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. Downloadable content can be defined as anything a company produces that can be downloaded such as webinars and whitepapers.

Downloadable content adds value to the content on your website

The downloadable content offering allows you to boost awareness about your business, increase engagement and gain organic and targeted customers.

It allows you to add unique features to your website and stand out from your competitors.


Over 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day and more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. Using videos to market is a digital marketing strategy is very commonly used in today’s day and age and has become increasingly popular and necessary.  87% of online marketers use video content.

In video marketing, videos are used to market and promote your services. Video marketing is a significant and pivotal way to increase engagements on your digital channel, educate your customers and connect with your audience.

There are many different types of videos that can be used for the purpose of video marketing. These include demo videos, event videos, educational videos, animated videos and live videos.


Currently, there isn’t a better and more efficient digital marketing strategy than to market on social media. There are approximately 3.5 billion social media users worldwide.

Since it’s so easily accessible on our phones and almost every other person is on at least one of the popular social media platforms, there is no better way to reach the audience than through social media.

Social media marketing is when social media platforms are used to drive website traffic, increase sales and build your brand. It involves creating and sharing content on social media to reach marketing goals.

The major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest that you can use to your benefit.


A call to action is a digital marketing strategy that involves any device designed to encourage an immediate sale.

Call to action mostly refers to phrases that are incorporated in sale scripts or web pages that entice customers to take prompt action.

On a website, a call to action may be a banner, button, graphic or text that convinces a user to click it.

By adding a strong call to action to your website content, you are more likely to convert a mere website visitor to a customer.


Today, almost every person across the globe has a cell phone therefore having a responsive web design that can conform to mobile or any screen can be a great digital marketing strategy. In 2019, 52% of all worldwide online traffic comes from mobiles.

A responsive web design should include easy reading and navigation. It makes your website flexible and adaptable, it creates an excellent user experience and its cost-effective.

The more user-friendly your website is, the more traffic it will generate, hence a responsive web design is highly necessary.


One of the most popular digital marketing strategies currently, influencer marketing involves individuals who create high impact conversations with your ideal target audience on social media and you build legal relationships with them in order to use them to promote your brand’s product and services.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways of digital marketing. Businesses are making $5.20 for every $1spent on influencer marketing.

It should be an essential mode of marketing for every company as it is one of the fastest ways of communicating to the consumers.  It generates a good return on investment, gains credibility for your brand and improves your brand visibility.


A landing page, in simple words, is a page you land on after clicking a link, whether on the same or a different website. It is created specifically for marketing purposes. Landing pages are also a popular source of digital marketing.

Landing pages have a focused goal, which is the call to action, which makes them the finest option for increasing conversion rates of your marketing campaigns.

To make your landing page impactful, keep the design minimal, navigation easy and make the content easy to read and simple.


Designed specifically to drive traffic to websites, pay-per-click advertising is another digital marketing strategy that can be highly beneficial.

Pay-per-click advertising uses search engine advertising to generate clicks to your website. The only time you pay is when a user clicks on one of your online ads.

Pay- per-click is associated with first-tier search engines such as Google Ads and Amazon.


The process of using a combination of software and strategy to automate marketing activities is known as marketing automation.

It allows you to market more effectively on multiple different channels online and automates repetitive tasks. These include email marketing, social media posting and ad campaigns. Marketing automation is the perfect digital marketing strategy to aid in finding leads and turning them into paying customers.


Content Marketing is another common and go-to digital marketing strategy for many businesses today.

57% of marketing executives say content development was the most effective SEO tactic.

In content marketing, you connect and engage with your customers via content. It focuses on creating valuable, consistent and relevant content to attract the right audience.

Content that can be used in content marketing includes videos, blogs, posts and infographics.

When content marketing is done correctly, it creates brand awareness, boosts engagements, increases sales and leads to customer loyalty.


This digital marketing strategy has been structured and designed specifically to increase online presence and visibility. Online public relations allow you to reach a wide audience using Internet-based strategies.

Social media, content marketing, influencer outreach and search engine optimization are some of the sources through which online public relations can be built.

Online public relations allow you to speak directly to the audience which can be highly beneficial for the brand as this strengthens your relationship with them, making them a regular customer.


A podcast are a series of recorded content revolving around a specific idea, topic or theme on digital audio files that a user can download or stream on their personal device for easy listening.

People are listening to podcasts across the world in record numbers. Today, 24% of Americans listen to at least one podcast a day. Hence it has become a crucial digital marketing strategy.

Podcasts are easily accessible and can be listened to anywhere, which can be very beneficial for your brand. Podcasts are organized around specific topics and hence also allow you to reach your target audience. They also allow you to build trust with your customers and increase brand visibility.

Podcasts allow you to advertise your company, influence your customers and educate them about your products.


Using marketing forums is also a common and potent digital marketing strategy. Forums are a place where you can hold discussions, raise or answer questions and share your ideas with your customers.

Using forums can be a great way to connect with your targeted audience, build a positive reputation and help your business organically.

Some of the popular marketing forums include Quora, Reddit and Twitter.

Choosing the ideal digital marketing strategy and utilizing it correctly can be a problematic situation for many, which is why Smai is here to do that for you.

At Smai Digital our team of experts are working to ensure exceptional branding, strategy, creativity and management can help grow your business by leaps and bounds with long-term results and put you ahead of your competitors.


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